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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the three referendum questions?

Question 1 is to authorize the District to borrow up to $65,150,000 for district-wide facilities improvements.

Question 2 authorizes the District to exceed the state-imposed revenue limit to operate expanded facilities.

Question 3 authorizes the District to exceed the state-imposed revenue limit to maintain educational programming (class sizes, comprehensive curriculum, etc.).


Why are there three referendum questions?

By law, questions for borrowing (Question 1) have to be separated on the ballot from questions to exceed the state revenue cap (Questions 2 and 3). 

What are the costs and tax impact of the three questions?

The budget breakdown for the facilities projects is:

  • Elementary Campus additions and renovations: $15,900,000
  • Waubesa addition: $700,000
  • Indian Mound Middle School additions and renovation: $11,390,000
  • McFarland High School additions and renovations (including Tech Ed, Auditorium, Pool, and relocating displaced athletics): $37,160,000

Tax impact:  After a four-year phase-in period, the tax impact on a $300,000 home in the district would be $501 ($43/month) over the 2015-16 rate. 


How long does the tax impact stay in effect?

The tax impact from Question 1 (District-wide facilities improvements) stays in effect for 22 years until the debt is paid off.  Questions 2 and 3 (operational funding) are recurring, so the Board would retain this authority to exceed the state revenue cap and continue to maintain current grade level class sizes and programming.


When was the last time the District went to referendum?

The District has a long history of sound fiscal management and good stewardship of taxpayer resources. It has been over a decade since our last referendum for operational expenses in 2004.  Our last referendum for constructing new facilities was in 1997.

Will the facilities improvements support future enrollment growth?

Yes.  Our internal projections, as well as those of the UW Applied Population Lab, show incremental residential growth.  As residential enrollment increases, open enrollment decreases.  Once all of the facilities projects are complete we will be able to support 200 students per grade level, which is well within our projections.

Who Can Vote?

Any registered voter who lives in the McFarland School District boundaries can cast a vote on the referendum questions.


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