Proposed Plans

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Proposed Plans


K2 Elementary Campus

The Elementary Campus includes two buildings: McFarland Primary School (grades 1 and 2) and the Conrad Elvehjem Early Learning Center (Early Childhood and Kindergarten).  MPS is the oldest building in the district, is very inefficient, and has numerous accessibility challenges.  Additionally, because grades K-2 are in different buildings our youngest learners have multiple building transitions in their earliest years of school. 

Renovating the elementary Campus with an addition (orange) to the Conrad Elvehjem building brings our EC and K-2 students and staff together in one building with dramatically improved learning spaces.  We would also renovate the Library and Cafeteria (purple) in Conrad to support all of the students and staff. 

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Waubesa Intermediate School

Waubesa is our newest building (2000), but we have new programming in areas such as orchestra, robotics, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) that needs additional space.  

Adding a multipurpose addition (orange) supports these new programs and would also be available to the community.

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Indian Mound Middle School

We are out of classroom space at IMMS, and this school has the smallest square foot-per-student ratio of any building in the district.  The classrooms are under-sized and poorly configured for flexible learning. 

We are proposing a two-story classroom addition (orange), renovated classrooms (purple) and Gym expansion (teal/orange).

IMMS Planclick to view plan


McFarland High School

Career and Technical Education Area - McFarland High School has one of the best Career and Technical Education programs in Dane County.  Our curriculum includes construction trades, woods, metals, a nationally certified Auto-Tech program, and Project Lead the Way engineering programming.  Our curriculum and enrollment have grown considerably and we need more space for this program. 

Adding a second story classroom addition (as specified in the original architectural plans) allows for expansion of Engineering, Design, and Trades programming on main level.

Auditorium - Our current auditorium was constructed in 1978 and has 481 seats.  At that time the High School enrollment was approximately 425 students in grades 7-12. Today, our enrollment at MHS is approximately 700 students.  As our school has grown over the past 38 years, the seating capacity and stage size are no longer adequate.  Accessibility is also a challenge for many of our community members. 

Today, parents and family members often have to watch their students’ performances from the hallway outside the auditorium because seating is so limited.  Also, there is no way to accommodate all of our High School students and staff in the auditorium for a performance or school-wide assembly. 

A new auditorium would expand both seating capacity and the size of the stage to accommodate our larger enrollment and performing groups.  The proposed design also includes a multi-purpose space that can be opened up for expanded seating to accommodate all-school programs and large community events.  The new design would also improve accessibility for community members, students, and staff with a new entrance and parking area.

Pool - Our current pool opened in 1978 as a six-lane facility.  Since that time both our school and community programming have expanded significantly and the facility is undersized for the use it supports.  The infrastructure is also aging and the current facility is becoming more and more costly to maintain. 

A new pool would have more lanes, expanded locker facilities for school, community, and family use, expanded seating, and improved accessibility for students, staff, and the public.

Outdoor Athletic Facilities - As you can see from the graphic of the proposed auditorium and pool expansion, the varsity baseball field at McFarland High School would need to be relocated to accommodate these spaces.  We are looking at other possibilities to enhance the soccer facilities since we would be losing some green space behind the high school.  It is important to note that baseball and soccer facilities account for a small percentage of the proposed facilities referendum budget.

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Current Facilities

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Budget Summary

Budget Summary

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Proposed Construction Timeline

Proposed Construction Timeline

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