Referendum 2016


On Monday, August 29 the McFarland School Board unanimously approved three referendum questions for the November 2016 ballot.

Referendum Announcement - August 30, 2016


The referendum decision is the culmination of a 3.5 year long process initiated by our community.

Community-Driven Planning Process 2013-2016


There will be 3 separate referendum questions on the November 2016 ballot.

Referendum Questions


Each referendum question has its own costs and associated tax impact. The District would spread the tax increases over several years instead of making the full increase take place immediately. Any future growth to the community and tax base allows future school district residents to help support the proposed improvements.

Tax Impact


The facilities improvements that are targeted by the Referendum questions encompass the entire district.  A wide-range of renovations and/or additions have been proposed for each building in our district, including our athletic facilities.

Proposed Plans


Our facilities planning process has been, and will continue to be community driven.  Please feel free to provide feedback and/or submit questions.

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