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July 8, 2015

Top test scores

Small community atmosphere

Hundreds of programs

Quality athletics

Happy kids

In the McFarland School District, you'll find a great combination — large-district opportunities within a small-district atmosphere. We offer award-winning programs and consistent academic achievement, delivered by caring staff in a personal environment. The McFarland schools have been recognized for excellence by state officials and our village is ranked as a top place to live.

 Our Web site contains a wealth of information for students, staff, parents, and neighbors in McFarland, Wisconsin – from news and calendars and test data. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please let us know. We’re here to serve our community.

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"My parents were talking to one of the officials from our homecoming game on the 21st. He said that in all of his years as an official (which is a lot) he has never seen anything like he saw in McFarland that night. The pregame show with the two bands, honoring our veterans, recognizing a football team from the 60's and just the overall positive atmosphere of the entire night really impressed him."

"I was wondering if you could somehow pass on a message to the student section at the game. The student section was extremely positive and supportive of the kids playing. I was on the court refereeing and could hear nothing but cheers and encouragement."

"What our boys have learned about Art, Music, Library and Physical Education has astounded us as parents."

ACT Prep Plus at MHS! (brochure)(more details English, Spanish)
cool ACT Prep Plus Registration Form (fillable pdf)
(Offered through the McFarland Recreation Community Service Program)

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