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Welcome to McFarland’s 4K Program! 

2017-18 4K Enrollment Packets can be picked up starting March 1st - from Conrad Elvehjem or one of the 4K sites (Ginger Bread House or CLM - McFarland Lutheran Church).  Please join us for the "Welcome to 4K" Parent Meeting on Thursday, March 9th from 7-8 pm in the Conrad Elvehjem gym.  Any questions, please call Emily Broome at 608-838-3146 or email  broomee@mcfsd.org.


We are very excited to offer a four-year-old kindergarten program to the families and students of the McFarland community!

4K in McFarland is a community-based early learning program for children who turn four years old by September 1.  Children are enrolled in the McFarland School District’s early learning program but taught in local community preschool and/or childcare settings.  The play-based, developmentally appropriate programs are taught by highly qualified, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction licensed pre-kindergarten teachers.  The curriculum is based on the Wisconsin Model of Early Learning standards and includes a strong focus on parent-school communication by offering regular family outreach workshops and activities.

Our 4K collaborative journey includes working with the following partnering locations:  Child Life Ministries and Ginger Bread House. Together we believe that every child in McFarland has a right to a high-quality developmentally appropriate preschool education and that parents/families are the child’s first and foremost teacher.  We believe that through community collaboration, children and their families will receive a variety of learning opportunities that provide young children with a jump start to school and life.

Every child is unique and we look forward to meeting each one of them.  If you have questions or comments that are not addressed on our website, please feel free to contact Interim Principal Ann Schroeder or call the 4K administrative assistant, Emily Broome at 608-838-3146.


  4K Staff
  Child Life Ministries (CLM) 838-4425
  Katie Schaaf Teacher
  Beth Miller Assistant
  Ginger Bread House (GBH) 838-5105
  Becky Bierman Teacher
  Megan Richardson Teacher
  Heidi Robbins Teacher
  Bekah Carr Assistant
  Laura Boyd Assistant
  Alicia Hoeft Assistant


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  • McFarland Primary School (1-2)
  • 6103 Johnson Street, McFarland, WI 53558
  • Phone: 608 838-3115 | Fax: 608 838-4612