Senior Exit Interviews

The McFarland School Board voted in January 2003 to approve the Senior Exit Interview/Portfolio (SEIP) graduation requirement beginning with the Class of 2004. To meet the SEIP requirement, each senior would complete a portfolio and participate in an exit interview.

The SEIP graduation requirement is the culmination of a project that began in 2002 with a team of MHS faculty observing senior exit interviews at a neighboring school district. The experience was so positive that MHS faculty and staff, administration, students, parents, and School Board members collaborated to develop a similar program for McFarland students.

There are multiple benefits to the SEIP initiative. Some of which include:

Students graduate from MHS with a professional portfolio which:

  • prepares them for future ventures where portfolios are required,
  • gives students the opportunity to compile their credentials, providing information necessary for application for scholarships, college admissions, and employment, and
  • allows students to reflect on their achievements and accomplishments as evidenced in their portfolio.

Students participate in a 20-minute exit interview which:

  • provides formal interview experience allowing seniors to reflect on their McFarland education experience and achieve closure to their high school experience,
  • presents community interviewers an opportunity to gain insight to the accomplishments of high school seniors as well as their hopes and plans for the future, and
  • provides the District with feedback regarding school improvement

Forms available online for SEIP Interviewers:

Interviewer's SEIP Evaluation - a chance to evaluate your experience as an interviewer.
School Improvement Feedback Sheet - form to indicate strengths and weaknesses of the student candidate.
Student Feedback Sheet - a form to provide remarks to the student from the evaluation team.

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