Student Services

The Student Services team consists of school counselors, psychologists, speech/language clinicians, developmental motor specialists, nurse/health assistants and educators who interface with the entire pre-kindergarten to grade 12 staff, parents, and community resources in order to assist students in optimal personal, social, educational, health, and career development.

The School District of McFarland provides the following services:

  • Screening and assessments for academic, social, and emotional needs
  • Advanced Learner program resources and support
  • Special Education needs assessment, which may include individual measurements of intellectual functioning, academic performance, social behavior, perceptual motor development, and adaptive behavior functioning
  • Developmental guidance activities covering topics such as decision-making, feelings, friendship, cooperation, conflict resolution, drug awareness, and safety issues
  • Small group work, such as new student groups, family change groups, friendship groups, and social skills groups
  • Alcohol and other drug screening or resource information and chemical awareness
  • Emergency nursing services and maintenance of immunization and health records
  • Public health services, disease prevention, health promotion
  • Protective behavior activities, classroom discussions and individual counseling concerning social/personal issues


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