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    Aaron Tarnutzer
Indian Mound Middle School


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Aaron Tarnutzer

Hello and welcome to Indian Mound Middle School!

Indian Mound Middle School (IMMS) proudly serves students in grades six, seven, and eight.  At IMMS we believe “Kids Come First” and we exemplify this commitment each and every day. 

We believe children in middle school should be learning a variety of academic and practical skills, including the ability to solve everyday problems, think creatively, make rational judgments, and get along with others.  It is our responsibility to support our students as they develop these skills as well as positive attitudes for life-long learning, intellectual curiosity, and the value of human relationships.   This shared commitment from students and staff is exemplified in the following “Spartan Code”

At Indian Mound Middle School,
we come together,
to create a stronger school,
by following the Spartan Code.

We commit to:  

  • Achieving our goals and jumping the hurdles of life;
  • Respecting others by listening, caring, and treating one another how we want to be treated;
  • Taking Responsibility by honoring our commitments and doing what needs to be done; and
  • Showing Empathy by understanding how others feel, standing up for others, and offering a helping hand.

We strive for success,
We ARE Spartans!

We believe that, together, we can foster the characteristics described above by providing a safe, warm, and informal atmosphere rooted in a strong underlying structure and high expectations.  Our staff members work closely together to plan curriculum, instruction, and supports that meet the varied intellectual, social, and emotional needs of our students.  We recognize that middle school is a unique period in a child’s life and we embrace this opportunity as we support and guide students to reach their potential. 

Our school is organized into interdisciplinary teams of teachers from English/language arts, math, social studies and science at each grade level.  Related arts exploratory offerings include art, technology and engineering, music, world languages (Spanish and French), health, physical education, and family and consumer education.  Elective courses include band, chorus, and technology. 

We recognize the value of student involvement after the traditional school day is done.  Co-curricular offerings at IMMS include both athletics and clubs that focus on participation and involvement.  Athletic programs include volleyball (girls), cross country (boys and girls), basketball (boys and girls), and track (boys and girls). Clubs and events held during school hours and/or after school include: Drama Club, Forensics, Girl-up Club, Student Council, Jazz Band, Robotics, Gay Straight Alliance, 8 grade Ambassadors, dances, and more. 

At IMMS we have a strong commitment to parent, staff, and student partnerships. We invite you to actively participate in our school community in whatever form works best for you such as attending our EC-8 PTO meetings, volunteering, or reaching out to school staff with your questions, comments, and/or encouragement.  We know that our partnership with you is a must and we thank you for your involvement.

On behalf of our talented, energetic, and dedicated staff, thank you for the opportunity to serve this community!
Aaron Tarnutzer

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