Business Services

Business Office Services consists of employee, fiscal/payroll, and technology services. These areas are managed by our Director of Business & Technology Services Jeff Mahoney (838-4520),


Fiscal / Payroll Services

The fiscal office manages purchasing, accounts payable and receivable for a $25 million budget. In addition the office manages State Financial Reporting, Insurances, Audits and Cash Flow Management. The office is supervised by our Fiscal/Payroll Services Supervisor Carrie Roberts  (838-4553).



Technology Services

The McFarland School District recognizes that instructional media technology services are a vital requirement for quality education and high achievement in the 21st century. With a focus on the individual learner, and the integration of Wisconsin’s Model Academic Standards for Information and Technology Literacy in the curriculum, our mission is to serve students, faculty, staff, and community, through the use of relevant media resources necessary for learning, instruction, communication and data management.


District Annual Report 2015-16


Staff Resources

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