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Nelson's Bus Service provides transportation for the McFarland School District. For further information contact Nelson's Bus Service at (608) 205-9040.

2016-17 Information

School Bus Rider Guidelines

Dear Parents of children who ride the school bus:

Periodically it is good practice to review the guidelines for student behavior while riding the school bus. The purpose of these guidelines is to provide the safest, most enjoyable school bus ride for all bus occupants, including the driver. A safe bus ride is free of all driver distractions. Driver tolerance will vary and student behavior will vary. Regardless of who's driving the bus, it is the student's responsibility to follow the guidelines so the driver can do his/her job, which is to drive the bus. Watching students in the rear view mirror is not driving the bus. Inappropriate behavior on the bus that is unseen by the driver is still unacceptable. RESPECT is the word.

Parents, please talk with your child(ren) about following the four major school bus guidelines.

  1. OBEY THE BUS DRIVER. First, follow the bus drivers' instructions. If you don't agree with an action taken by the bus driver, when you get to school or home you can inform your teacher or parent.
  2. TALK QUIETLY TO THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU. Any noise other than talking may distract the driver.
    • Keep hands, feet and property to yourself.
    • Teasing, name calling or profanity will not be tolerated.
    • Nothing should go out the windows, even voices.
  • Keep your back against the seat back, and your bottom against the seat bottom.
  • Food and beverages will smell and attract insects and mice. The best way to prevent spillage is to refrain from eating on the bus.

If students have difficulty following the four rules mentioned above and make other choices that are inappropriate, the consequences may include not being able to ride the bus for a few days.


Bus Stop Guidelines

  1. Students should be at the bus stop 3-5 minutes before the normal bus time.
  2. Students should stay five feet from the bus until the door opens and cross 12 feet in front of the bus after the driver signals them to cross.
  3. Parents need to monitor their child's behavior at the bus stop.

Anyone interested in driving a school bus contact Nelson's Bus Service at 205-9040.

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