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Welcome to the McFarland School District's Advanced Learner Program. Keep tuned to these pages to stay current on all the latest happenings for advanced learners.

McFarland’s Advanced Learner Philosophy

The McFarland School District strives to meet the needs of all of their students, including those in the gifted population. We recognize outstanding talents in children and youth from all cultural groups, across all economic strata and in all areas of human endeavor. We strive to identify students in the five areas of giftedness: Intellectual, Academic, Creative, Artistic/Dramatic and Leadership and to provide them with continuous and systematic services. McFarland staff and parents work together to sustain the effectiveness of district Advanced Learner Services.


Building Level Programming Options

Conrad Elvehjem & McFarland Primary School - The Advanced Learning staff provides support during the early entrance and grade acceleration process. The Resource Teacher conducts regular classroom visits to the first and second grade classes. The visits extend the curriculum and enhance the thinking skills instruction. The Resource Teacher also serves as a source for materials to differentiate the curriculum within the regular classroom. The process of identifying students with gifts and talents begins at this level.

Waubesa Intermediate School  The students in grades three through five are served by the Advanced Learner department in a variety of ways. Classroom visits by the Resource Teacher may focus on higher level thinking skills or curricular extensions. All students have the opportunity to participate in contests such as Math 24 and Yahara River Writers. Students with identified needs may be invited to participate in pull-out groups such as Science Browsers, Math Extensions, Math Meet team or Survival Guide Group which focuses on social and emotional issues. McFarland is also able to provide opportunities to participate in Northwestern University’s Midwest Academic Talent Search, and student programs sponsored by the Wisconsin Center for Academically Talented Youth. Identification of students with gifts and talents continues at this level.

Indian Mound Middle School  Advanced Learners at Indian Mound Middle School are provided with many engaging, enriching and challenging experiences. The Resource Teacher collaborates with classroom teachers to enrich the curriculum with high level thinking skills and meaningful products. Identified students may be invited to participate in Math Meet, Wisconsin Center for Academically Talented Youth (WCATY) online learning co-ops and in independent studies and small discussion groups. Identified students are also offered participation in Midwest Academic Talent Search. The Resource Teacher supports all-school events such as the Math 24 competitions, the Yahara River Writers’ Anthology project and Science Bowl. Identification of students with gifts and talents continues at this level.

McFarland High School  McFarland’s Advanced Learner staff provides assistance to identified high school students. This includes high school and college plan development, independent research, and distance learning opportunities such as APEX courses, college classes through Youth Options, WCATY enrichment activities and summer coursework. Advocacy for curricular modifications or course selection is also provided when needed.

In addition, the schools offer a variety of activities in which highly able students also participate. Among these are the National Honor Society, Forensics, Model UN, Spelling Bee, Geography Bee, Destination Imagination, Drama, Science Olympiad and Mathlete.


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