District Mission & Vision


The School District of McFarland will graduate learners who achieve the knowledge and skills necessary to make a positive contribution to a changing world. This mission will be accomplished by:

setting high expectations for students, staff and community;
expecting and supporting consistent, high student achievement;
ensuring accountability through documenting and analyzing all that we do;
providing an environment of challenges, support, and respect; and
sharing a commitment to our mission among students, staff and community.


Embedded in the Mission Statement are the beliefs and core values that focus and support our shared work.

BELIEFS: We believe... CORE VALUES: We value and support
Every child is a promise. All children as students and teachers.
Each of our schools is its own center of expertise, equity, community, risk-taking, experimentation, reflection, participation and communication Time and opportunity for trust and wisdom to grow.
We are here to create a community of learners Passion for partnership, honesty, teaching and learning.
We must honor those who work hard and succeed; we must continually and immediately celebrate the positive and the possible. Enthusiasm and on-going recognition of our heroes and heroines.
We share the responsibility for student learning among families, students, teachers, staff, administrators, community members, and the School Board. Collaboration and partnerships.
Learning is not exclusive to schools or limited to the ages between 6 and 18. Lifelong learning.
The 21st century is a vast, complex, challenging, and endlessly interesting time. The preparation of our students for adult life.
We want to and can keep discovering and inventing better ways to teach and learn from each other. The best teachers, staff administrators and facilities.
It is important to cherish and nourish our community heritage. Safe, beautiful school and community environments that reflect and symbolize pride and joy.
Differences offer us depth, color, richness and opportunities for growth. Diversity and openness.



The School District of McFarland will continue to be recognized for schools in which student learning is the touchstone and the driving force, and for a professional environment that is rich in collegiality, in a habit of reflection, the ability to take risks and the courage to dream.

  • The success of all we do will be measured against the standard of whether it enhances individual student growth, excellent teaching, and joyful learning.
  • Our school learning communities will look and feel like places where students and adults alike are discovering the excitement and the challenges of learning.
  • More students will be observed thinking critically, linking classroom learning to community life, caring openly for one another and the adults in their lives, and connecting to their world neighbors via enhanced technology.
  • Our passion for teaching and learning will engender greater achievement and innovation in the structure and content of academics, the arts, and athletics.
  • Graduates will cherish memories of connection and community.
  • Teacher and administrative vacancies will continue to be filled from an expanding and enthusiastic pool of educators who want to be part of – and contribute their talents to – the McFarland Educational Family.
  • Our community will take pride in a culture that shares passion, meaning and purpose with its schools.
  • Volunteerism and service learning will link increasing numbers of community members and school children in valued and varied activities.
  • The historical narrative of the district will celebrate the importance and quality of the people and their stories.


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