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McFarland School District has contracted with Classmunity for all district fundraising functions. Classmunity is a web-based, end-to-end fundraising management service designed to assist K-12 school districts to raise money easily, professionally, and securely. Classmunity provides school administrators comprehensive management of fundraising campaigns, through an efficient approval system, real-time monitoring, and  daily reports.

Classmunity provides our district with a specific website for community and family members to donate with ease. As a teacher, Classmunity provides an integrated pre-approval process, that no longer relies on verbal or email approval of fundraising campaigns. Teachers can quickly and easily create campaigns, and administrators can easily approve/deny/request revisions to fundraising campaigns.

The goal of partnering with Classmunity is to keep all fundraising campaigns safe and secure. Promoting and sharing campaigns are made easy with one-click sharing to Facebook, Twitter, or email.


Now you are asking, what types of fundraising events are required to be processed through Classmunity. Please review the current board policy on fundraising prior to beginning your campaign.


As a district, Classmunity is our approved management system of fundraising efforts. What does this mean??

Any event that collects funds from parents, community members, or businesses will need to have a Classmunity Campaign created and approved prior to collecting funds.

Examples of such campaigns include:

  • Donors Choose (approval side only) 
  • Activity Account Group Fundraisers
  • Trip Funding Efforts    
  • Sponsorships
  • Athletic Fundraisers


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Crowdfunding sites such as
GoFundMe, Kickstarter,  Indiegogo, Crowdfunder,  RocketHub, etc.,
are NOT ALLOWED to be used in the district. 
Only ClassMunity will be acceptable under School Board Policy.

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