STEAM stands for: Science | Technology | Engineering | Art  & Design | Mathematics

The STEAM Team at Waubesa incorporates three state-of-the-art learning environments designed to empower self-directed learners with the tools, resources and freedom necessary to foster the development of their creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills.  Students work on a series of rigorous hands-on engagements.  They will be required to read and research a variety of instructional materials in order to accomplish their learning objectives.  Each student is responsible for keeping a record of what they are learning, what they accomplish, the challenges they encounter, and how they solve them.  Students will quickly learn how to use a variety of tools to aid them in demonstrating and documenting their learning experiences. 

These sessions are taught by Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Hauser and Mr. Northouse.

  • Fab Lab - in this flexible STEAM learning environment, students have access to desktop computers, iPads and other tools for creativity, collaboration and reflection

  • STEAM Lab - this STEAM space allows students hands-on opportunities for problem solving, innovating and synthesizing information through tinkering with materials, expanding their knowledge of the world around them

  • InfoZone - this STEAM space is both physical and virtual; students develop critical thinking skills as they read, research and respond to information, making connections and communicating with their world-wide 21st century community
  • Waubesa Intermediate School (3-5)
  • 5605 Red Oak Trail, McFarland, WI 53558
  • Phone: 608 838-7667 | Fax: 608 838-4613